Preservation & Community Enhancement Grant (P.A.C.E.)

Description of Program

The primary goal of the P.A.C.E. Grant Program is to promote economic development through encouraging proper exterior historic rehabilitation and preservation to both residential and commercial properties located within the local Madison Historic District boundaries. This program provides eligible private-property owners with funds to aid in their rehabilitation or preservation projects.

Rehabilitation Grant

This grant provides exterior or structural rehabilitation assistance to encourage private property owners within the Madison, Indiana local historic district to maintain, repair, and appropriately rehabilitate their historic structure(s).

Dilapidated Structures Grant

This grant provides for the partial demolition of dilapidated buildings within the City of Madison followed by rehabilitation. Dilapidated structures includes any man-made structure which, by reason of faulty construction or any other cause, is liable to cause injury or damage by its collapsing or by the collapse or fall of all or any part of such structure or any man-made structure which, because of its condition or because of lack of doors or windows, is available to or frequented by persons who are not lawful occupants of such structure.

Dangerous Buildings Grant

This grant provides for the demolition of dangerous buildings within the City of Madison. Projects which apply for this grant funding must have a letter from the City of Madison Office of Building and Design stating the structure is unsafe.

2020 Program Dates

Meeting Date at 5:30pmDeadline by 4:00pm
February 10th and 11thJanuary 6th
May 11thApril 6th
July 15thJune 15th
September 15thAugust 10th
November 10thOctober 12th

2021 Program Dates

Meeting Date at 5:30pm
Deadline by 4:00pm
January 12thDecember 7th 2020
March 9thFebruary 1st
May 11thApril 5th
July 13th June 7th
September 14thAugust 2nd
November 9thOctober 4th