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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Acosta, Tammy Mayor's Assistant Mayor's Office 812-265-8300
Armstrong, Jenna Human Resource Generalist Human Resources 812-274-0096
Bartlett, Jim Councilmember-at-Large City Council 812-292-2037
Burdzilauskas, Whitney Athletic Program Manager    
Burnette, Tanya Assistant Parks Director Parks and Recreation 812-274-0286
Center, Gina Street Department Secretary Street Department 812-265-8304
Conover, Travis   Fire Department  
Courtney, Bob Mayor Mayor's Office 812-265-8300
Dattilo, Lucy Councilwoman District 3 City Council 812-599-0170
Eaglin, Kim Parks Secretary Parks and Recreation 812-265-8308
Harlow, Tom Administrative Assistant Clerk Treasurer  
Holt, Rob Water Office Manager Water and Sewage 812-265-8312
Jackson, Brian Utility Superintendent Utilities Department 812-265-8312
Klein, Scott Parks Director Parks and Recreation 812-265-8308
Krebs, Carla City Council President- District 2 City Council 816-935-3254
Mahoney, Hannah Director of Communications Communications Department 812-265-8300
McGee, Mindy Deputy Mayor – Chief of Staff Deputy Mayor - Chief of Staff 812-265-8300
McKinney, Emily Associate Director of Economic Development Economic and Redevelopment 812-274-0461
O'Neal, Duane Code Enforcement Officer Planning, Preservation and Design 812-274-0428
Patterson, Joe Associate Planner Planning, Preservation and Design 812-274-0282
Perkins, Jeremy Assistant Chief of Police Police Department 812-265-3347
Perry, Donna Planning, Preservation, & Design Office Coordinator Planning, Preservation and Design 812-265-8324
Rampy, Katie Clerk Treasurer Clerk Treasurer 812-265-8316
Sanchez, Michelle Senior Center Coordinator    
Schafer, Josh Councilman District 4 City Council 812-701-9630
Staff 1-25 of 36